Environmental Hazards Management Services

Lowry Redevelopment Authority
"All of us at the LRA want you to know how much we appreciate your hard work and cooperation throughout the term of this Contract. Linda, Mike and I have especially enjoyed working with Marsi and Darison. Best of luck to Daro Tech, Ltd. on future projects."
Anne H Anderson, Financial Services Manager
What We Do
Since 1994 Daro Tech Ltd. has been instrumental in creating a safer work environment throughout Colorado and Wyoming. Operating as an environmental contractor offering soil remediation, asbestos and lead based paint abatement and regulated building materials abatement and other environmental services.
The company conducts removal of hazards from buildings, roadways and bridges. With a competent, qualified staff of labor and management, the successful completion of all projects undertaken have had a positive impact on the quality of the environment in public and private sector buildings, roadways and bridges.